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prativa college

About Us

“ Sa Vidya Ja Bimuktaye”  is the theme motto of our crest which comprises the meaning that the ‘Education is that which has liberation as its aim.’ It means to explore your creativity which leads to updating in the day-to-day era. “Prativa Res. HS School” is formerly named as “Prativa Res. (Junior) College” Established on 19th August 2010 the then first Residential College of Chatrapur Block located at Chatrapur the district headquarter of Ganjam district.

This is an ideal residential Science and Arts college with quality classroom coaching for a bright, beautiful & meaningful career of the students. Our objective is to impart intensive and extensive teaching in every section of our society. Prativa Res. HS School tries its best to innovate scientific knowledge among students. The objective is to popularize science education among every section of our students in our society. Prativa Res. HS School is a knowledge hub with experienced and talented faculties for students’ prosperity. Faculties are dedicated to extracting the best from the students in the form of all Indian Entrance results. We are committed to producing more and more medicos & technocrats from our college. Students’ success in the competitive world is our prime responsibility. Apart from that character building & increasing the spirit of unity and discipline is our prime objective.

Our Toppers

Chinmaya Ku. Dash


Dear  Students
Prativa Residential Higher Secondary School is very committed to providing quality education to the students for students’ academic excellence. We have taken enough care of the students for prosperity & all-around development. We provide round-the-clock parental care & an academic environment for their success. A team of dedicated and hardworking faculties is busy around the clock to make out goals an all-around success. I wish all the best for my students and their success

Principal's Message

Dear Students
Heartly Greeting from Prativa Residential Higher Secondary School. Prativa Residential Higher Secondary School is a knowledge hub. Our theme is Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is power. So we are trying to impart knowledge among the students for creating a knowledge-based society. A team of dynamic teachings staff is busy around the clock to guide our students in the right direction. Moreover, moral teachings, discipline, the spirit of unity & friendship is our prime objective. We are committed to producing excellent results in the future days to come. I wish all the success of the students in their life by the grace of Almighty.

Munmaya Dash


Dear  Students
PRATIVA Higher Secondary School is an ambitious initiative of DHARITRI Educational Trust of Chatrapur. The aim of our college is to groom young and inquisitive minds for an exciting careers in the field of science and technology and to make this higher secondary school the best school in science education. Within a short span of time PRATIVA Higher Secondary School has earned the reputation of being one of the most discipline and quality educational institutions in the field of science education

PRATIVA COLLEGE : At a glance…

The primary thrust of the institution is to impart qualitative and performance-oriented knowledge and training to the +2 Science and Arts students by optimal management of time and energy. It is our motto to enable them to achieve high performance in the course itself, and various competitive and entrance examinations of the state as well as of the country, such as JEE ( Main & Advanced), NEET, OUAT, NEST, IISER, OJEE, KIITEE, SAAT and so on.

Prativa Residential Higher Secondary School ( An abode fostering intellectual excellence) is an excellent center of science education. Its value-based quality education through our team of faculties- “A Temple of Teachers” makes one feel proud to be a student of this noble institution.

+2 Science (128 seats) and +2 Arts (128 seats) program of Prativa Res. HS School is affiliated with the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha, and recognized by the Govt. of Odisha.

Our New Campus



Subhashree Muduli CTDC, BBSR

“PRATIVA Residential College is an excellent center of science education. Its value based quality education has turned my dream into a realty ”

Jagannath Nahak PG @ Central University(HYD)

"A fine blend of the latest technological know-how, skilled professionals, dedicated faculty members having a never-ending passion for knowledge represent PRATIVA Residential College."

Govinda Pradeep NIT, Rourkela

“The Primary objective of the college is to manage the time and energy of the students in the best possible manner and enable them to use their ability and creativity in a positive way. Regular theory, and practical classes, doubt clearing classes, coaching classes, assignments in all subjects, examination and evaluation etc. constitute the unique feature of the teaching system in our college. ”

Saswati Rath (Topper2020)

“Chinmaya Kumar Dash, Chairman, PRATIVA Residential College, is an epitome of commitment. His student friendly nature is unique. His accountability for the students progress is one of the top features of his character ”

Manmohan Das

"Munmaya Dash, our venerable Administrative Director, is an experienced and enthusiastic man who always encourages the students to go ahead with spirit."

Dr. Deepak Kumar Sahu

"Here the student’s spirit is nurtured and he/she develops his/her intelligence and imagination. They thrive in intimate contact with teachers who are known for their knowledge, modesty and simplicity."

Saurav Nanda Topper 2017, Now M.Sc. in Physics @ Pondichery Central Universty

"PRATIVA Residential College is an institute, which has a galaxy of high performing, qualified and dedicated academicians who look after the students with immense care."

Sibadatta Maharana M.Sc. in Physics @ NIT, Imphal

"I am very much thankful to my parents for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this institute. The decision of my parents to put me here became a blessing for me."

Manas Ranjan Mohapatra

"Prativa Science College believes in strict discipline and positive attitude development, which are reflected in its students. Strict rules and regulations as Prescribed by the institute are followed and any deviation invites strict disciplinary action."

Bhaskar Swain Retd HM, Palur Taluka High School

"PRATIVA Residential College is a center of learning which gives assurance to every student for achieving success.."

Kapil Pr. Maharana Pharmacist

"PRATIVA Residential College is a college in true sense of the term and I am sure that it is going to uphold its flag in a much-elevated plain.."

Biswanath Dash, Puri F/O- Barnali Bidurita Dash, MCA @ OUAT, BBSR

"PRATIVA Residential College is one of the best College in the state of Orissa. Its concern for the students and the intensive care that is taken, are really praiseworthy.."

Mitu Nahak F/O- Laxman Nahak

"The faculties are very knowledgeable and caring. They are really interested to develop the latent qualities of the students.."

Bipin Nahak A Street Vegetable Vendor F/O- Bimal Prasad Nahak, Indian Navy

"The strict discipline observed here gives me the satisfaction that my son will definitely do well.."

    To create an excellent centre of science and education and learning of international standing where pursuit of knowledge and excellence shall reign supreme, and equip the budding students of scientific fraternity to realise their cherished dreams transgressing the barriers in their paths.

    PRATIVA Residential Higher Secondary School is committed to impart quality science education of international standard and imbibe skill and knowledge in the students to face the challenges ahead of their future life.

    Prativa Residential Higher Secondary School an ideal residential science college with quality classroom coaching for a bright , disciplined and  self reliability career of the students. To impart contemporary technical education and promote inner furtive talents to students of different socio-economic backgrounds.

    To equip students with analytical learning, innovate scientific knowledge and real life problem solving era. To make learning a continuous endeavour compatible with day to day needs. To promote the spirit of leadership, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and ethics among almost all students. Our objective is to impart intensive & extensive teaching among every section of our society.

    Your Future Starts Here.