Hostel Life

Hostel and Students Life

Present day residential system is just a replication of the ancient Gurukul system. The college is trying to revive this glorious tradition with ambitious towards spiritual ethics of character and moral building through “ Gayatri Pariwar”. Young people are susceptible to became friend-centered. Acceptance and belonging to a peer group can become almost supremely important. In this system, the students cultivate the habits of making friends, adjust themselves with others, develop independent thinking and do their own work. Prativa Res. HS School provides a comfortable hostel facility for boys and girls in the vicinity of the college. Hostels have attached mess which serves delicious food as per the menu by students committee. Students have to stay in the hostel to cope with the demanding academic requirement.

Hostel Rules

The freshers (1st-year students) are required to furnish applications for admission to the hostel at the time of admission to the college. Application for admission to hostels in the prescribed forms shall be submitted duly countersigned by the parents/ guardians to the Principal, Prativa Res. HS School. Furnishing application for renewal of admission (Re-admission) for next academic year by the boarders is mandatory. Application for admission/readmission shall be scrutinized by the Superintendent/ Assistant Superintendent and shall be duly approved by the Principal.

Allotment of Seats

The allotment of seats in the hostel depends upon the size of the rooms. Allotment of seats is the prerogative of the hostel Superintendent. However, in the case of boarders, who are physically handicapped/unfit or continuously having health problems, special consideration may be given during the allotment of seats.




Regulation of Hostel

The boarders are required to follow the following rules and regulations to maintain discipline in the hostel.
Attendance: Attendance of the boarders will be taken from 6.15 PM to 6.30 PM every day during which they have to remain present in their respective rooms.
Study Hour: During study hours 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM and 10.30 PM to 11.30 PM, boarders have to be in their rooms and continue their studies. The caretaker and the teachers on duty have the responsibility of looking after these things. Any deviation from the said timing by any border should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
College Hour: The boarders should go to college regularly for their classes in time as per the time fixed by the college. No boarder is allowed to remain in the hostel without attending the class except in case of serious illness. The hostel caretaker has to ensure that the suffering student has got the permission of the Principal and Hostel Superintendent.

Temporary Leave

Going to college or for marketing or any other personal work is treated as temporary leave where the border leaves the hostel only for a short period with proper OUT PASS from the college authorities. In this type of leave, the student has to get the permission of the hostel Superintendent with OUT PASS before leaving the hostel premises. If any student stays away for a longer period than the time allowed the caretaker has to inform the Superintendent. The boarders may be allowed to go outside (Marketing) only on Sunday from 05.00 pm to 07.00 pm at their own risk and Hostel/College authorities are not liable for any incident during their stay outside the Hostel.

Permanent Leave

When a border wants to go on leave from the Hostel, he/she has to complete the following procedures.

a) A border is only allowed to visit his/her local guardian’s house or own home with specified cause.
b) The borders may be allowed to go to their residence after submitting an application duly countersigned by the guardian clearly indicating the purpose of visit, period of stay, etc.

c) The hostel Superintendent, after being satisfied with the purpose of the visit may approve the application from the Principal. Unless the same is approved, the border cannot go out of the hostel. 

d) While coming back from their residence after the expiry of leave, they should obtain a letter from the guardian/parents/ Local Guardian stating the time and date of their arrival at home and the time and the date they left their home for the hostel.

Local Guardian’s Visit

The boarders are allowed to meet their parents/local guardians during the visiting hour from 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm and 05.30 pm to 06.30 pm. No visitors are allowed after 6.30 pm.
Legal Guardian’s / Friend’s Visit

The visitors mentioned in the list submitted by the guardian of the border may be allowed to visit only on Sundays between 01.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Any other visitor will not be allowed except with a specific written request from the guardian.

Teacher’s visit to the hostel (for discipline as well as academic help)

Every day one teacher on each floor assigned to remain in the hostel from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. During this stay, he has to maintain the discipline of the hostel and clarify the doubts of the students. If any negligence of duty on the part of the teacher will be observed by the superintendent, then he will inform the principal and Chairman, PRATIVA RES. HS SCHOOL.

Messing and Food

Mess charges for the ensuing year as decided shall be collected from the boarders in full for the entire year at the time of admission/readmission in the hostel. Messing facility in the hostel shall be managed by college management. The person who has taken responsibility for the mess has to work according to the rules and regulations of the hostel for managing the mess. The superintendent notifies the timing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from time to time. No border shall be allowed to have his/her meal in any room or any place other than the dining hall.



No boarder is allowed to keep bicycle/motor vehicle/ radio/ television/ tape/ computer/ mobile phone / Electronic Devices in the hostel.


No outside person can enter the hostel without the permission of the hostel superintendent / Principal.


Guest/ friends of the boarders are not allowed to stay in the hostel, without the prior permission of the superintendent


Holding of any meeting, organizing any feast or observing Birthday Party are not permitted without the prior permission of the superintendent / Principal.


Circulation of notice and raising any subscriptions etc. by the boarders are not permitted without prior permission of the superintendent.


Using heater, Iron Box and other electric appliances are banned in the hostel.


Boarders are advised to keep the key of their respective rooms in the keyboard placed in the hostel office at the time of leaving the room.


In boys’ hostel superintendent has got the right to open any locked room and search any room at any time without any notice to boarders or assigning any reason thereof.


In girls’ hostel, no one is allowed to go beyond the office room and the room where doubts of the students are clarified. But if the superintendent and college authorities required to go beyond that, then they will be definitely accompanied by the lady caretaker.


Entry of male guests (Except minors) in girls hostel is strictly prohibited. The boarder is responsible for safe keeping of the belongings inside the hostel.


Neither the authority nor the superintendent is responsible for the loss/ damage of any belongings of the boarders.


All types of intoxication are strictly prohibited in the hostel.


The superintendent is not responsible for any type of accident or hazard that occurs to the boarders inside or outside the hostel.


Sickness of any boarder should immediately be brought to the notice of the hostel superintendent for treatment if necessary. The cost incurred towards the treatment will be borne by the boarders.


If any boarder wants to study after 12.00 midnight or before 5.00 am, he/she will use his/her own table lamp for reading purpose.


Harassment, torture in any form to the juniors/ freshers will be seriously viewed which may lead to expulsion from the hostel and legal action.


In case of any emergency, the hostel superintendent may give a short time notice to the boarders to vacate the hostel.


College / hostel authorities have the right to amend or frame new rules as and when circumstances demand.


All the boarders are requested to maintain neat and clean environment inside or outside the rooms which is supervised by the College / hostel authorities at any time


To avoid contagious diseases all the boarders are requested to contribute some amount every month for house keeping and clean environment.